The air Fresheners made in usa
let´s keep the world smelling fresh!

FRE-PRO is the official authorized brand created to represent in Europe 
the range of products made by FRESH PRODUCTS, LLC from USA - the leading
manufacturer of the highest quality, innovative odor – control 
products, providing professional, efficient, value-added, 
cost effective solutions and services.

As a sole distributor for Eastern and Central Europe
we distribute the products
to 19 countries inclusive
Czech, Poland and Germany. 
FRE-PRO product´s range
was developed as the Eco fresh
system - super eco friendly technology
and all their products are 
environmentally friendly and VOC compliant
in USA and in Europe.


We offer FRE-PRO in variety of fragrance notes. Each fragrance has 
its own specific character
and different intensity. 
FRE-PRO can be used almost
everywhere. Except of 
perfuming toilets you can
place the products 
also to bigger rooms, offices, receptions, congress halls or guest rooms.