Company evolution

  • 1991

    1991 - Our start!

  • 1992

    1992 - Current owners of KALVEI, s.r.o.,
    Ivo and Vera Kalina, start
    collaboration with Danubius. 
    They work as a private company
    called VERA. 
    Their first supplier was Danubius from
    Germany which
     hygiene dispensers HYGOLET.

  • 1993

    1993 - Start of collaboration with

    Hagleitner Hygiene Austria. 
    Except of hygiene dispensers Georgia Pacific 

    we sell also cleaning chemicals.
    We open our first store and hire
    first employees.

  • 1994

    1994 - We became winners in sales in CZ
    got the title of sole distributor 
    Hagleitner Products in our country. 
    In the Autumn we changed company name to
    Hagleitner ČR, v.o.s. and at the end of the year we were
    granted the award 

    “The best distributor of the year”.

  • 1995

    1995 - Opening 3 branch offices: Prague, Chrudim, Příbram.

    During the second half of ninetieth

    we ranged air fresheners 
    from the company Bobson

    and from France into our assortment 
    and step by step we
    became the biggest supplier 
    of room air fresheners
    in the Czech Republic.

  • 2000

    2000 - As we didn’t have Hagleitner products

    as the main part of our offer anymore,
    we have decided to change a company name again. 
    The new company name is KALVEI, s.r.o.

    We are still growing and the main company

    office is moved to Prague.

    Hagleitner Austria tried to influence our further company development 
    but without any success.

  • 2004

    2004 - After the ending

    collaboration with Hagleitner, 
    who wanted to join our company

    on very disadvantage conditions 
    we started to look for new, quality suppliers.

    We start collaboration with


    with European distributor Georgia Pacific.

  • 2005

    2005 -  Moving to new bigger
    office in Prague!

  • 2007

    2007 - We celebrate our 15th birthday!

    Our team grew rapidly and 
    our offer is stable and strong again.

    We start to expand to other 
    countries with FRE-PRO and

    exhibit at FOR-ARCH in Prague.

  • 2009

    2009 - We found new French supplier of
    Aroma Diffuser for
    large rooms
     and became the official distributor

    Kimberly Clark Professional.

  • 2011

    2011 - We took part at team
    training in Cuijk (Nl) 
    arranged in collaboration
    with Georgia Pacific.

  • 2012

    2012 - Exhibiting at ISSA INTERCLEAN AMSTERDAM in collaboration with Fresh Products. We got the exclusivity

    for Central and Eastern Europe.

    We created FRE-PRO brand, and started

    exporting this range in 16 countries! 
    We reached a success also with

    Kimberly Clark and Georgia Pacific!

  • 2013

    2013 - FRE-PRO sales grew

    dramatically in Slovakia, 
    Slovenia, Macedonia,
    Serbia and Poland.

    GP in Europe was sold to SCA (TORK) and 

    we have had to respect 
    rebranding their products.

    We became an exclusive supplier

    of hygiene, scent and cleaning products to

    KFC and Starbucks in Czech Republic,
    and arranged successfully
    shopping centres
    Černý Most, 
    Nový Smichov, Chodov.

  • 2014

    2014 - FRE_PRO is official registered brand.
    Based on our great sales results
    we get also
    exclusive distribution 
    Fresh Products
    range in Germany.

  • 2015

    2015 - We decided to change
    company design, 
    created new KALVEI logo, website, etc. 
    We exhibited FRE-PRO at
    international shows: 
    ISSA Warsaw and CMS Berlin.

  • 2016

    2016 -  We have extended our sales team and

    have got a lot of interesting orders.

    In collaboration with Fresh Products (USA) we have

    exhibited FRE-PRO at ISSA INTERCLEAN in Amsterdam

    again. Further we have arranged many

    presentations and trainings in Germany.